Monday, June 23, 2014

Logan's totally awesome turtle party!

Brick backdrop from Hobby Lobby, $5.99

Flavored cream soda's renamed for each turtle and Master Splinter, of course!
I created and printed these out onto address labels.

And, you gotta have Ninja Turtle food at a Ninja Turtle party!
Pizza delivery relay race

I pasted a picture of pizza onto a red Frisbee. Each child got a chance to toss it into a pizza box.

I also got some silver balloons and pasted Shredder's picture on it. I found foam swords from the dollar store and let the kids take turns to defeat Shredder by hitting each balloon with the sword.
And, silly string to complete our Ninja Training.
Happy 5th Birthday Logan!


Hudson's Pokey Little Puppy Party



Tea Party for women

Because we all want to be little girls without a care in the world enjoying a tea party every day!
I hosted an Alice in Wonderland themed brunch for some friends.

I hosted this in November, so I was able to score a lot of these fun items on clearance from Halloween.
I was thrilled to find "chess" themed cookies in the cookie aisle.
My strawberry "cake" stand was two black plates with  coffee cups in between that I scored from the $1 store.

Bonus post Halloween bargain finds.

I printed out the cupcake toppers off etsy.
And,  you will never guess where I scored these scrumptious cupcakes! They look like they came from a fancy cupcake shoppe, but I actually purchased them at HY-VEE! Our local grocery store! A few select stores have started full scale bakeries with professional pastry chefs.

I printed the Alice tea party photo off the internet. And, to dress up the straws I punched holes into the heart playing cards to resemble the Queen of Hearts.

And, of course we needed Alice's drinking potion

I just had to purchase this also at Hy-Vee, it's a chocolate coffee cup filled with mousse.

Who says you have to be a child to have a tea party?! We had so much fun enjoying this brunch!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Coffee houses of KC

Type in the words KC Coffee House and you will find pages upon page of hidden treasures around KC.
With so many fun spots hidden within our own city, a friend at church decided to start a monthly connect group seeking out and trying a few of these places that we might otherwise not visit.
 Quay coffee (pronounced Key); historic City Market district.
412 Delaware St, KCMO
Only here can you get this amazing view of the city.
Love the storefront. And, there are some pieces hanging on the wall to tell a little about the history of the name, Quay. It's a family name with ties back to when Kansas City's railroad lines were the main transportation.
And, each cup of coffee is a piece of art for the baristas. Even my husband's plain black coffee is pressed specifically for him. No coffee out of a large community pot. Each cup is handcrafted and pressed.
They have a huge room in the back with a great table for meeting at.

Crossroads Coffee House, downtown KC;
 310 Southwest Blvd
Great place for meeting a group

Yummy quiche!

Fun kids area

Love the large meeting table

Chez Elle; located in the westside area of KC;
1713 Summit St, KCMO
It's a French bistro and makes amazing crepes as well as French press coffee

Oddly Correct, downtown KC; 3940 Main ST, KCMO
***only for the STRONG coffee drinkers. We did not know that they do not use sweeteners!

They did make me a cute unsweetened latte though

If plain, black, but good coffee is your thing-check them out!

Loved their brick walls!

And, our cute little helpers!

Filling Station.
1010 Westoport Rd, KCMO
 I love the architecture outside. It's a converted gas station, so when it's nice outside they can open up the garage doors. 
Pryde's, located in Westport
115 Westport Rd, KCMO
not an actual coffee house, but a super fun kitchen supply store. However, they have an amazing bakery open on Friday/Saturdays. You can eat some scrumptious homemade pie with your coffee!


City Market Coffee House,
305 Main St, KCMO
I love driving into the City Market! The river, the city.....

If you come on the weekends and definitely in the spring/summer, the place is full of local farmers/vendors selling fresh produce and baked goods.

 Love this fun staircase leading up the restrooms and more seating.

And, of course the sign of a hand crafted quality coffee!
(ignore the sippee cup :-)

Parkville Coffee House,
103 Main St, Parkville, MO
in the adorable Parkville area right off the river
Such a cute small town with so many fun treasures and shops to explore

Love their counter

And, they have an amazing large meeting area upstairs

In the northland area is The Friendly Bean
420 NE Barry Rd, KCMO
They're known for these amazing cream cheese filled croissants that they make fresh each morning
They have a small area that works great for moms to meet up
Mud Pie Bakery
1615 W 39th St
A cute little place that has some yummy baked treats, lots of Vegan items also.
Although, I went for the non Vegan and very calorie filled giant cinnamon roll :-)
Fun kids coloring corner

There are many more hidden treasure around KC such as The Roasterrie, Opera House, One More cup, Headrush. These are just a few that I've managed to actually snap some photos at.
We are definitely blessed with variety in Kansas City!